Knock knock Covid-19 | Real VS Imitation

To be honest this word “Covid-19” has created so much buzz around the world and I personally am irritated to hear it. So I want to ask you all “What do you all think about it? It is real or just an imitation?”

Now as per me…. Wait I can’t give a statement like this so I will take you all through both sides of this coin and then you yourself can decide what is right and what isn’t.

Fig. Comparision Real vs Imitation

The above comparison covers the hottest points of discussion and is very strongly inclined towards the respective side. Now it's time to take some knowledge and speak up for the best case situation.

1.People are dying: It is true that patients do have some real issues like with breathing or other conditions in which it isn’t possible to save his/her life but the fact that others are killed for illegal internal organs smuggling business can’t also be neglected.

2. Following the guidelines: Wear a mask, use sanitizers, don’t go out unless needed,…. all these are now a part of routine but at what cost? I know that there is always a price for something or another thing so if so-called these guidelines are followed and one is protected from Covid but what if in near future becomes a patient of asthma due to lack of oxygen supply (wearing the mask for a long run), mentally ill or the financially handicapped due to lockdown situation.

Fig: Mental Illness Issues, Source: Times Of India

There are 1000.. of proofs stating the lack of oxygen due to wearing masks for a longer time, financial breakdown of low and middle-class people and the number of suicide attempts ( due to depression and mental illness) increased to almost 70% on records during Covid-19 so you can imagine the real numbers will surely be at a dangerous height.

3. Vaccines: It is being claimed that the vaccine is the only so-called god during Covid that can not only reduce the fatality rate but also increase immunity and provides power to fight against Covid.

Fig. Vaccine Development Time, Source: World Economic Forum

Above we can clearly see the time it takes to make the vaccine sorry “A Safe Vaccine” although in the same article they are enforcing that taking vaccines can save a lot many lives but remember again they are talking of safe vaccines which have undergone through the above entire process. But taking these so-called rapid-made vaccines may rather be led to more side-effects as in the same article they have stated a failure rate of as high as 93%. As I have heard and also seen people die even after they had taken 2 doses of the vaccine so in reality what is its use and need?

4. Covid Increasing Spread And Becoming More Fatal: We all are bombarded with this news “Covid now more fatal and spreading very fast” but wait where was Covid during elections and political rallies as during that time leaders were busing taking the pride that we removed Covid, our government has successfully dethroned Covid. Why should we as citizens always become fool as we are manipulated every time and used as per need.

We should have faith just in that eternal soul to whom we believe, take care of ourselves, eat healthy food,…. and increase immunity naturally not artificially with some so-called immunity booster medicines.

If I give my personal experience then I went for tracking during Covid for 10days, now you might be thinking I will be near to my living place, no it wasn’t, it was almost a 24hr train journey one way and also during the time when cases were increasing exponentially and had crossed 3.5 Lakh/day. But neither I nor my family members were infected due to me from Covid. Why? the reason I have already mentioned in the above paragraph.

5. Unexpected Covid: This is the most controversial point to be concluded, as there are many proofs from both sides (one which supports that it is natural and one opposing it). Those who support it are showing scientific proves and genetic sequence and what not while those who are opposing are using Bill Gates TED speech back in 2015 in which he accurately mentioned a kind of this pandemic, Event 201, ….. and so on.

So who is right “Mankind or Natural”. To be honest, for some time let’s keep it aside but how has lost more things:

Is it WHO? Is it Government? Is it Rich People? Is it Banks?

No, it is middle and poor-class people, it is the unorganized sector.

Now it's on you all still, you want to listen to those so-called world leaders or you want to listen to your soul and heart. We are manipulated by continuously broadcasting the message of Covid through newspapers, radio, tv, mobile phones, hoardings, posters,…. But stop listening to them blindly.

Finally: Stay Safe, Stay Educated, Stay Smart.

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Here it should be noted that the above is my perspective and I am not encouraging anyone to go for any trip or break all the guidelines or do anything which isn’t right. I am just trying to highlight some facts and figures through which you can make a knowledgeable decision.



Freelance Content Writer || Founder and CEO “UDT Finance” || Technology + Finance combo || Cybersecurity

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Umang Thakkar

Freelance Content Writer || Founder and CEO “UDT Finance” || Technology + Finance combo || Cybersecurity